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I didn’t really buy too much at Otakon. Dealer’s Hall was just so massive that I’m sure I missed a lot of things I wanted to buy rofl. Pictured here are Schwann and Leia Tales of Friends rubber keychain/straps. They were tied to my camera, hence why you don’t see the purple straps since I just unclipped them.

Also a Shirahoshi figurine that I’ve been kinda wanting. It was easy enough to guess which one was her in the random boxes. She’s practically the heaviest figurine out of that set XD.

I found a Yui Konagi phone figurine too, so now she can go with the Engi I found at an earlier con :D

Not pictured in the first photo is my Dragonite. He’s currently with a friend as I could not fit him in my suitcase so he has to be mailed. So you guys can enjoy a photo I took of Gin (JiiDesu) hugging my Dragonite on Friday evening. That was when I found him and….I realize I came up to him in a really creepy way, because I wasn’t sure if that was Jii or not rofl.

Oh right, that kandi bracelet I got from Jii. Jii and Dea made a bunch and he was going to give them away on Sunday, but I got mine on Saturday. GLAD I DID, because we had to leave pretty early Sunday so I’d never be able to find Jii :( Makes me sad I wasn’t able to at least meet up with Jii one more time before flying out.