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Is the Nick site broken?

Nothing is loading for me at all. Like it loads the background, but nothing else ;-; I just want to watch the finale. 

Finished Unwound Future a second time.

The Epilogue doesn’t get any easier to hold all the feels after the first time ;-;

But now I have a completed file on my own cartridge! Cause I originally borrowed a friend’s when I first finished it. First Layton game I actually bought on my own and willing to go through a second time cause the pace and story is just so good. 

Looks like I’m bringing back Julius sooner than I thought.

Apparently, J. Michael Tatum is Julius and I’m going to be seeing him in October at AUSA. Heck yea you bet I’m gonna go see him cosplaying Julius. And my day has honestly been made knowing a VA I enjoy is also voicing a character I love from Xillia 2.

I just noticed that even the font on the boxes are colored based on the color of the watch

A gold and a silver box. This is such minor details but it still makes me happy for some reason.